Change the world through conversation.

Take Back Talk

The Challenge: 3 steps

Within 48 hours of being nominated, you must:

1)  Have a conversation

Have an in-person conversation lasting 3+ minutes, with someone you’ve never spoken to before. You must exchange names, find out what they do/did for work or what they study, where they are from, and 1 other thing you learn in conversation.


Call someone you have not spoken to in at least 6 months, and have a 5+ minute conversation. It doesn’t count until you actually speak with someone.

2)  Share your reaction 🙂

Record a short reaction video of yourself right after the conversation and post it to and/or send it to


Go to and post your reaction and story in the comment section at the bottom of the page.

3) Nominate 3 other people

Copy the link to invite 3 people through social media, email, and/or text.

Don’t accept the challenge? That’s ok 🙂 Here’s how you can still participate:

Contribute $5 to, the platform that is making it easy to find and connect to new people anywhere in the world around common questions and interests, through the power of face-to-face conversation.


Nominate 3 people to the challenge, following the same instructions as above.

Simple Tips For Sparking Conversation

Make a comment about the weather (really, this is the best)

Make a comment/ask if they’ve seen a movie, or a t.v. show… “How about them (insert sports team)?” can work wonders.

Help people with things…i.e. carrying groceries, or lend them your phone, or take a picture for people, etc.

Excited as we are?!
Leave your comments and thoughts below!

Peace, Love, and #Weconnect

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