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How does it work?

What's the big deal
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Mnemonic : A simple word

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Nowdays, 80% of the trafic is mobile. We offer an optimized mobile experience.

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All your social networks and info on one place helps you on cross conversion.

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Control and manage what you want to share. Be verified so your fans knows your content is legit.

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+tag is bringing connectivity for all medias (online or offline) in a unified and mnemonic visual design.

Spaces created
Worldwide users

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You can share your entire digital world with a simple word or a tiny link and maximize engagement

Amazing Design

We've designed our apps to meet the very last of User Experience trends and optimise conversion

Communicate easily

You can use your +tag for any kind of campaign, users will find all your content and info without hassle.


You can configure your space to show your branding by adjusting colors, pictures, video, and more


You can link up to 500 type of links and 20 different functionalities blocks ready to use


Our apps are fully responsive, and your tag can be share on any support. You have the perfect tool to reach anyone.

As soon as i discovered pluus solution, i loved it. It solved many issues for me as a youtuber, I had to share many social profiles with many links in my descriptions and bio social profiles. Pluus boosts my engagement and cross fan conversion.

Youtuber High Tech
Daddy DTech

We use everywhere from menu, to instagram bio and social profiles of the restaurant. Our customers use it as a path to us and order deliver, book tables, check daily menu and connect with us. It's a great tool for any owner.

Restaurant owner - Birmingham
Roland Pierce

As a music artist manager, we have to face a huge change in the music industry with many streaming platforms, and the need for artists to be active on social networks to engage with their fans. Pluus is the perfect platform to unify social and music.

Sound Gang - Music Manager
Steve Hayes

We use to simplify the way we share content, in a unified and branded way, using our company name. We use it also on print materials, to add a simple way to access online content.

e-Influence Manager - ARKEMA
Vincent Cottereau