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“A little revolution”

Korner is one of the very first shops to have tried Pluus services when we were doing our first Proof Of Concept validation on shop’s target. And let me make it short : It was a real “love at first sight”. After a tiny demo, Korner’s Manager, Kyle, agreed to give it a try and stuck our sticker on its front glass. After one week, he was already convinced that the future of business was based on solutions as ours, smoothing the click to buy process, easing communication and simplifying customer’s experience.

“We could noticed almost immediately how effective using a global platforms that shows all our services, content and offers in a top notch UI when it comes to sales optimization.”

It’s now 10 month that korner uses Pluus and they have been one of the first to be onboard of the Yellow beta.

Yellow is the white label focusing on expanding current services by integrating services ans apps directly within the +tag of the brand. By reducing steps to customer’s action, it improves again conversion and boost turnover and users engagement.

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